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Why Silverstone, Inc.


  • One of the most important services we provide is safety to your employees - by allowing us to mount your tires, your employees can be kept from possible harm
  • We follow strict guidelines, including the use of cages when airing tires
  • Many people are injured or killed each year for not following or adhering to correct procedures to properly mount a tire
  • OSHA is recommending steep fines for not following guidelines established to protect employees from harm

JIT “Just in Time”

custom-mounting-2.jpgSilverstone will provide your company with a JIT “Just in Time” mounting program. This program can be successful in many ways. It will allow you to concentrate on what you do best, running your company. Silverstone can help free up valuable financial resources to be used in areas other than tire and wheel inventory. These are just two examples of the many benefits that could be created by our custom mounting partnership.

We can eliminate the warehouse space necessary to house tire and wheel components and yard space necessary to store completed assemblies. We can cut down on the time involved in purchasing, receiving, inspecting and processing invoices for tires, wheels, valves, and stickers separately. We cut down on the amount of material handling personnel and equipment, as well as the most obvious saving involved in eliminating the personnel and equipment associated with actually mounting the assemblies.


Other Services we provide

  • We offer a large storage facility to keep plenty of stock on hand for your production demands
  • With us stocking the product, you will spend less capital up front for purchasing wheels and tires to store at your facility
  • We have a variety of your wheels and associated tire sizes in stock to accommodate your diverse production needs
  • We are your one stop shop for your tire and wheel needs no matter the application
  • We frequently monitor your pricing structure to ensure you are getting the best value available